Your Five a Day – Top 5 stories this morning

Ireland could be set for a jobs boost as a result of new trade talks between the US and Europe

During his first State of the Nation address since his re-election, US President Barack Obama confirmed negotiations would begin to launch the world's largest free trade zone.

Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore has welcomed the announcement, saying it "opens up enormous untapped potential" to boost jobs and trade on both sides of the Atlantic.

Obama also promised to focus on domestic priorities in the Sates by pledging to narrow inequality, re-ignite the economy, fight gun crime and fix immigration.

The President also announced that he will halve the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan within a year.


Body of former US policeman wanted for murder found 

The man, wanted for multiple murders in the US, is believed to have been found in mountain cabin in California

Its reported a SWAT team moved in on Christopher Dorner before he set the building on fire.

A Sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman confirmed that one deputy had been killed and another injured in an exchange with mr Dorner.

He had been on the run since last week when he allegedly killed three people.


New legislation to give effect to the measures announced in last December's budget will be published today

The Finance Bill will include a range of supports for the small business sector - as well as measures to tackle tax evasion.

It will also give effect to tax reliefs for the film and TV industry and the excise rebate for the transport sector.

The legislation will be accompanied by a seperate bill on the property tax which will provide for an exemption from the tax for homes affected by pyrite.

You can read the full Budget 2013 breakdown here


The latest results for the Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping Programme will be published today

Officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency will be on hand to see the evidence.

It's been 10 years since the programme was developed to combat doping in Irish sport.

Last month Lance Armstrong brought the topic to the top of the news agenda once again after he admitted using banned substances during his cycling career.

David Hickey, team Doctor with the Dublin football team and former All-Ireland winning player, says there's huge pressure on young people playing sport to have professional athlete's bodies.


Agriculture ministers from the countries affected by the horse scandal to meet in Brussels today

The meeting has been called by Ireland, as holders of the EU Presidency, and will be chaired by Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney.

Ireland and the UK are to put together their own response to the crisis - while the EU formulates a wider plan.

Henry Burns, Livestock chairman with the IFA, says Minister Coveney must ensure there are more stringent controls over meat processors here.

The meeting gets underway at 4.30pm Irish time this afternoon.