HSE offers courses for people dealing with long term conditions

hse logoThe HSE in Donegal is providing a series of self management courses for people with long term conditions and for carers of people with long term conditions that promote self care.  Self care means looking after yourself and your general health so that you can manage your life and not just your condition.

Participants, to date, have reported a significant positive impact on their lives from implementing the skills they have learned from the self management courses.  They have also enjoyed learning from other people with long term conditions in an informal setting.

Paula Quinn of the HSE in Donegal says; "A long term condition can be anything from cardiovascular disease, asthma, back pain, depression, neurological problems, Crohn’s disease to high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or multiple sclerosis. In fact, it is any health condition that detrimentally affects your health in the longer term.

"If you have a long term condition, being in control will result in greater confidence and better health and well-being.  You probably know quite a lot about your own condition already, and you may even feel that you are managing your condition very well, but the self management courses can provide you with additional support to help make the choices that suit you in areas that you may feel you need that little bit of extra help."

The self management courses are free of charge and are run over six weekly sessions, each lasting 2 ½ hours.  Courses are being provided across the county.  If you would like some more information on this course or would like to book a place on a course, you can contact the HSE Consumer Services Department on 9189016 or email paula.quinn@hse.ie  All enquiries are welcome.