Fianna Fáil distances itself from slur on Travellers by Councillor

Fianna Fáil has moved to distance itself from a controversial slur on travellers by a member of the party.

Donegal County Councillor Seán McEniff had demanded the segregation of travellers from settled communities.

It follows the burning of a house allocated to a traveller family in Ballyshannon yesterday.

Local TD and Sinn Féin justice spokesperson Pádraig MacLochlainn told Highland Radio that Fianna Fáil needs to take action on this issue.

"Last year a Fine Gael mayor made comments against the African community and was forced to resign. Here we have a situation where a County Councillor has repeated on a number of occasions his demands for an apartheid system ... and nothing is being done about it by his party", said Deputy MacLochlainn.

'Comments do not represent party policy'

Fianna Fáil's justice spokesperson Niall Collins insisted the Councillor's comments did not represent the policy of the party insisting he was speaking in a "personal capacity".

But Deputy MacLochlainn says that is "not good enough" and is demanding Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin take action.

Deputy Niall Collins has demanded that Fianna Fáil take action.