Council says Household Charge compliance rate is now at 60%

Donegal County Council says  that 60% of householders have now registered properties for the Household Charge.

This represents an increase on the figures released nationally at the weekend.

This is made up of 38,288 properties that are recorded on the Local Government Management Services database; 546 householders who have registered for a waiver and a further 500 registrations received during January 2013 that are awaiting to be updated on the national system.

In a statement released to Highland Radio News, the Council points out  that anyone who has not paid the charge so far now owes €130. That’s €100 for the charge and €30 in late payment fees and charges. In line with legislative provisions, the €130 charge that applied from January 2013 will now remain capped at this level through to the end of April 2013.

The application of penalties will continue to be reviewed thereafter in terms of increasing compliance for the charge.  However, it should be noted that from July 1st 2013, any outstanding Household Charge will be increased to €200 and added to the Local Property Tax due on the property.

The Council statement concludes by stating that the Revenue Commissioners will then pursue any Household Charge outstanding when the Local Property Tax system is fully operational.

Interest and penalties under the Local Property Tax system will apply to the additional €200.