Donegal County Council says staff morale remains positive

Management of Donegal County Council says staff morale is positive despite recent redundancies, reductions in pay and increased workloads.

Councillor Mick Quinn has called on the council to evaluate staff morale as a result of recent changes, the council replies that it is already engaging with staff and unions on a regular basis.

Councillor Quinn had asked the council to formally evaluate staff morale particularly in light of increased workloads and reduced wages.

He was told that staff and unions have been central to the reorganisation of how front line services are delivered to minimise the impact on the people of Donegal.

The Council  says that while it is true there is less staff, being asked to do more while getting paid less, this has not been reflected in a negative way in how employees apply themselves to their work.

The council did say however that it would be happy to explore with staff and the representative bodies the option of carrying out an evaluation of workers morale.