Police Ombudsman in North to reopen investigation into Donaldson murder

A new investigation has been launched into allegations that PSNI officers may have contributed to the death of republican informer Denis Donaldson.

The Police Ombudsman has overturned a previous decision by his office to close the investigation and declare there was no misconduct by officers.

The former senior Sinn Fein official was shot dead almost seven years ago by gunmen in a rural cottage near Glenties.

Mr Donaldson had confessed to spying for police Special Branch and secret service MI5 just months before he was killed.

In a statement released through their legal team this afternoon the family of Denis Donaldson have welcomed the decision of the Police Ombudsman in the North, Dr Michael Maguire to renew the investigation into the role of some PSNI officers in circumstances surrounding his murder in April 2006.

The family confirmed that they had met with Dr Maguire in recent months, and they said they recieved a letter today telling them that the case will be the subject of a renewed investigation.

And they said that Dr Maguire also confirmed to them that an extant and incomplete investigation by the former police ombudsman, Al Hutchinson, left many unanswered questions.

The statement concludes that they remain deeply concerned about the role of some PSNI officers who may hold detailed information about the circumstances surrounding Denis's murder.

They say the acid test will be whether these serving and retired police officers fully co-operate with this investigation by the Police Ombudsman.