Kenny and Doherty clash on mortgage crisis response

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has mounted a robust defence of the government's economic policy in the Dail, saying that in the two years since taking office, the government has had to address the legacy of thousands of job losses in previous years, many of them in Donegal.

He was responding to Donegal South West Deputy Pearse Doherty, who said the government's disasterous economic policies were leading to a situation where people had nothing to eat because they were trying to pay mortgages.

He asked when the government would put the same effort into helping those people as they did into rescuing banks...................


Responding, the Taoiseach said he's not happy with how long it's taking banks to deal with the mortgage arrears crisis, and told the Dáil that banks can't think the solution is to put everyone on interest only loans.

Mr Kenny told Deputy Doherty that while the Government is working with the banks to deal with the 180,000 mortgages in distress, the wider economic policy pursued by the government is paying dividends, and Ireland's reputation as a centre for investment is being restored...............