Drop in number of new buildings in Donegal in 2012

There was a 29% drop in the number of new buildings completed in Donegal last year according to GeoDirectory, a joint initiative of An Post and the Ordnance Survey. That's in contrast to the country as a whole, which saw a slight rise in new builds.

The total number of new residential and commercial buildings recorded in Donegal in 2012 was 753, down from 1,149 in 2011.

The 753 new buildings identified in Donegal were composed of 696 residential buildings, 49 commercial buildings and 8 were dual-purpose buildings with both residential and commercial elements. These new additions bring the total number of buildings in Donegal to 87,907.

The recorded figures highlight that 107 or 14% of this new commercial and residential stock in Donegal are vacant. The data further indicates that 154 buildings across the county were under construction at the end of the year.

The decrease in new building additions in Donegal in 2012 of 29% is in contrast to a 2% increase recorded nationally.