Controversial Mill River power station in Buncrana given the green light

Plans to develop a hydro-electic power station on one of Inishowen's major rivers have been given the go ahead by An Board Pleanala.

It is after the decision last year by Buncrana Town Council to award permission was appealed by two parties including The Mill Anglers Association.

The decision to allow the development go ahead is despite a recommendation from the planning boards own inspector that it should not.

The site for the the reinstatement and construction of the micro hydroelectric power generation scheme lies to the south of Buncara and extends along the banks of the Mill River.

The site comprises two sections located upstream and downstream of the Mill River Bridge.

Buncrana Town Councillor Lee Tedstone has said the scheme  will be brilliant for the town  but the The Mill Anglers Association does not agree.

They argued that the erection of the powerhouse will divert the natural flow of the river down the fish pass,  making it impossible for salmon and trout to gain access to their ancient spawning grounds.

They also argued the proposal will burst open the mill race which is part of the heritage of Buncrana, lead to the destruction of mature trees and wildlife habitat and obstruct the passage of otters to their feeding grounds.

Having considered all submissions from a number of groups and its own Inspectors report which states the development should not go ahead, An Bord Pleanala has granted permission with conditions.