Superintendent denies that Donegal is “open for business” for criminals

A senior garda in Donegal has confirmed there have been some arrests in relation to a number of aggravated burglaries in Donegal over the past fortnight.

However, while he confirmed some of those arrests took place within the past 48 hours, Superintendent Vincent O'Brien declined to give any more information, saying only that charges may be brought in the future.

Speaking on the Shaun Doherty Show today, Superintendent O'Brien said thorough investigations are into recent incidents are continuing, but he rejected claims of an increase in violent crime in Donegal, saying the figures show it is going down............


On the issue of Garda resources, Superintendent O'Brien said while economic constraints mean resources have to be managed, there is no question of Donegal being open for business for criminals because Garda resources are limited.

He said having members in garda stations is not necessarily the best way to prevent crime, and gardai in Donegal are working very well................