Derry police in Flag protests warning

Police in Foyle says they are investigating all crime and disorder linked to the flag protests and have arrested 3 people and reported 7 to the PPS to date.

In a statement, the police say they understand the frustration of the community at the ongoing protests and that they are doing their utmost to police the protests with minimum disruption to the wider comunity.

Police in Foyle say their priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrongdoing with a view to prosecuting anyone who breaks the law.

They say that where the law is broken or a parade/ procession takes place unnotified they gather evidence with a view to identifying offenders with law breakers being brought before the courts.

The Chief Constable has called for protestors to take a step back and think about the potential consequences of their actions for the wider public and themselves.

Police ask for the  support and patience of local representatives and residents as they work to manage the ongoing protests around the Union Flag and urge all public representatives to work together to bring the protests to a conclusion.