Almost 21,000 people were signing on in Donegal last month

A regional breakdown of the live register figures for December show a month on month increase in those signing on in Donegal but a drop when compared to December 2011.

The figures show there were 20,902 people signing on last month up 326 on November.

There were 694 fewer people singing on in Donegal in December 2012 compared to December of 2011. Many attribute the reduction to emigration or people re-entering the education system.

Around the county, there were 2,662 signing on in the Finn Valley area, an increase of 31 on November - In the Ballyshannon area, a fall of 48 was recorded.

The number signing on in Inishowen stood at 4,418 - that figures is up 35 on December 2011.

There were small decreases recorded in Donegal Town, Dunfanaghy Dungloe and Killybegs.

While in the Letterkenny area - 5,970 people signined on last month, up 75 in a year.