Both sides claim a measure of victory in Gweebara case

The High Court has ruled in the long running Gweebarra Fishery Dispute, with both sides claiming a measure of victory.

The case was brought to court by Inland Fisheries Ireland which claimed it had the rights to manage, control and regulate access to state owned lands which included sections of the Gweebarra river.

The dispute relates to a campaign instigated by a  group of anglers from a number of areas, including the Rosses and Fintown to be recognised as a club with traditional angling rights on the Gweebara.

They claim these rights to fish the Gweebarra river had been established over many years.

The long running row resulted in a number of charges being brought against 26 anglers for alleged illegal fishing in 2008.

Inland Fisheries Ireland says the ruling is emphatically in its favour, but there has been a difference in interpretation of the findings, with the Donegal Game Angling Federation stating its right to fish the river has been confirmed, apart from what they describe as a 'small section of the river'.

In her concluding remarks when delivering the verdict last week, Ms Justice Laffoy urged both parties to avoide future expense by resolving the remainder of the dispute by local agreement.