Letterkenny Town Council passes budget for 2013

Letterkenny Town Council has passed its budget for 2013 at the first time of asking.

County Manager Seamus Neely said that collaboration has been an important element of Letterkenny Town Council's relationships with other groups and bodies in the town, and that is particularly evident in the adoption of a retail marketing fund which will see 40,000 euro invested in a joint initiative with Letterkenny Chamber. A similar project, which ran this year, was hailed a major success.

Monies for tourism marketing, festivals and other events will see over 80,000 spent promoting the town, while 103,000 euro will go towards community grants, which Mr Neely says will attract other investment and development in some instances.

Seamus Neely says the success of the council's efforts this year has allowed him to avoid a rates increase..........


Meanwhile, Mayor Cllr Dessie Larkin told members he has asked the Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland to look at the possibility of a constitutional challenge to the decision to scrap the town council system.

He says if the will of the people is that town councils are scrapped, he will accept that, but Cllr Larkin says the people should be asked directly..........