Renewed hope that Department of Agriculture jobs could be relocated to Strabane

There is renewed hope that the North's Department of Agriculture could be relocated to Strabane.

It was announced in September this year that the existing 800 civil service jobs would be moving from Belfast to Ballykelly at the site of the former Shackleton Army Barracks.

But in October a leaked memo revealed that Strabane actually topped a table of suitable locations for the jobs.

Now the decision has been questioned by the trade union NIPSA, who represent the existing workers in the Department of Agriculture.

NIPSA's Assistant General Secretary, Ciaran Bannon is asking why Ballykelly was chosen, and why other areas where ruled out......


Meanwhile, West Tyrone MLA Joe Byrne has welcomed NIPSA's questioning of why the jobs went to Ballykelly.

But he said he hopes the trade union are not solely interested in retaining the jobs in the Greater Belfast area.....