Unclear if Donegal County Council budget will be passed this evening

It's not clear if Donegal County Councils budget for 2013 will be passed this evening.

Cllrs from Fine Gael and Labour have outlined their support for the budget, while Sinn Fein have comfirmed that they'll be voting against it.

It's still unclear if Fianna Fail and the Independents on the Council will vote for or against.

Meanwhile, It's now looking increasingly unlikely that the proposed 2 euro increase in rent for those living in council owned property will be included in Donegal County Councils budget for 2013.

The council had been proposing a rent increase of just over 100 euro per house per year.

Fine Gael whip on the Council, Barry O'Neill outlined his parties opposition to the proposal, while Sinn Fein had already said earlier this week that they could not support the councils budget if this measure was contained.

Labour were also against the 2 euro rental increase.

Sinn Fein Cllr Jack Murray has outlined why his party are against the Councils budget....