County Manager seeks clarification on future of water staff

The County Manager is seeking government clarification on what affect the taking over of the provision of water in Donegal by 'Irish Water' will have on Council staff and the public

A number of Councillors and Dail Deputy Padaig MacLochlainn have already expressed their concerns at the potential impact on staff the move would have.

Now Seamus Neely is seeking more clarity over the exact role 'Irish Water' will have.

It's expected that in an incremental approach over the next 4 years, 'Irish Water' will take over the running of the water service in 34 County and City Councils.

The proposals will have an impact on the council's funding structure with Water Services currently accounting for around 20% of the Council's budget expendeture.

The County Manager shares those concerns - He wants certainty that the 187 staff will not be adversely affected and that the people of Donegal will continue to be provided with a high quality service.

The Council also wants assurance that the Capital Investment Programme will not be compromised and that it will be compensated financially for historic investment and liabilities.