Census figures reveal Donegal’s travel habits

The latest batch of statistics from last years census show Donegal people are more likely to drive to work compared to the rest of the country but spend less time doing so.

A total of 36,250 persons, representing 77.1 per cent of commuters in County Donegal, either drove to work or were a passenger in a car in 2011.

This compared to 69 per cent of commuters in the State overall - 1.4% used public transport , 0.4% cycled and 7.4% walked to work.

One  in fifteen commuters residing in County Donegal had travel times of an hour or longer to work, while 2.2%  spent 90 minutes or more commuting.  41.8% of workers had travel times of 15 minutes or less.

In  total 17,101  persons  resident in  County Donegal also worked in the county,  while 24,719 commuted to work outside the county.

Meanwhile 20,257 people  residing  outside the county commuted to work in Donegal, resulting in a net loss in the working population of 4,462.