Census figures reveal continued deprivation in Strabane

Strabane remains one of the most deprived areas in the North according to the latest release of statistics from last year's census figures.

Figures published this week show that the Strabane District Council area had the second highest unemployment rate in Northern Ireland in March last year.

According to the census figures a total of 50% of residents in the Strabane District were in paid employment in March last year, with 7.1% classed as unemployed.

Derry has the highest unemployment rate in the North, with 7.5% out of work.

Meanwhile of the the 7.1% of people who were unemployed in Strabane, half of these were classed as long-termed unemployed.

Census figures also revealed that just over 40% of those aged 16 or over had no qualifications.

And in a further sign that shows Strabane remains as one of the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland, statistics revealed that nearly a quarter of all local residents suffered from a long term health problem or disability.