Almost one quarter of the Irish population is living in a jobless household

Almost one quarter of the Irish population is living in a jobless household.

The finding is contained in a report to be published today by the Economic and Social Research Institute.

The report also found that children and people with disabilities account for more than half of those who are living in jobless households.

This report from the ESRI is based on the CSO's National Survey of Household Income and Living Standards.

It finds that the percentage of people living in jobless households increased very rapidly after the start of the recession: from 15 per cent in 2007 to 22 per cent in 2010.

While this is part due to a rise in unemployment - it is also because compared to their EU counterparts - jobless adults here are LESS likely to live with someone who's working - and MORE likely to live with children.

Over a third of those living in jobless households were children, while nearly 1 in 5 were adults with a disability.

The report highlights the vital role played by welfare payments in lifting jobless households out of poverty.

And it warns that if adults in jobless households are to be brought back into the workforce - there must be a broad range of policies, including childcare and supports for people with a disability.