7 in Donegal make settlements with Revenue worth 800 thousand euro

The Revenue Commissioners has published its latest list of tax defaulters.

It details 113 settlements in the three months to the end of last September totalling 21.35 million euro.

There were 7 settlements in Donegal totalling just over 800 thousand euro.

The single biggest settlement in Donegal was for almost a 250 thousand euro and that was made by Redbridge Development, a property developers from The Heneys.

It was for the underdeclaration of V.A.T.

Money Lending Agent Kevin A. James of Letterkenny made a settlement of 178 thousand euro for the underdecleration of income tax.

137 thousand euro was paid by Medical Practitioner Bhupal Suryavanishi of Letterkenny for the underdecleration of income tax.

There where four other settlements for below 100 thousand euro in Donegal in sums ranging from 14 thousand euro to 85 thousand euro.

Across the country, of the 113 settlements made, 44 were for amounts exceeding 100 thousand euro of which 7 exceeded half a million euro, with 3 of those higher than 1 million euro.

All including interest, tax and penalties.