Calls for opposition parties to get involved in Cant Pay Wont Pay campaign

Donegal South West Deputy Thomas Pringle says it's vital that the campaign against the new Property Tax intensifies before legislation is passed transferring responsibility of the tax to the Revenue Commissioners.

Deputy Pringle says it will be more difficult to resist the charge once Revenue are in charge, particularly for the PAYE sector.

Around 500 people took part in a weekend march and rally in Letterkenny against the new charge, and Deputy Pringle says more people need to become involved in the campaign, particularly opposition parties and representatives.

He believes the sense of anger at the new tax is growing.......


Francis Mc Cafferty is PRO of the Donegal Can't Pay, Won't Pay committee.

He says the involvement of Revenue is another attempt to frighten people into registering and paying, and told the rally that the defiance must continue into 2013..............