22-year-old sentanced to six months in jail after assault on girlfriend

A 22-year-old traveller who assaulted his girlfriend in a seaside resort was described by a judge as an “extremely violent” man.

The Court was told  that Jason McDonagh attacked his girlfriend in his caravan in Bundoran.

His girlfriend 21-year-old Angela Ward,was forced to flee through a broken window.

The judge said at Ballyshannon District Court that McDonagh came from a violent background. He added he was satisfied he was an extremely violent man and was capable of inflicting extreme injury and maybe worse.

Earlier the judge heard from the girl’s mother, Annie Ward, that while she was in her neighbouring caravan she heard screaming and a window breaking and then she saw McDonagh beating Angela outside the caravan.

She claimed her daughter was terrified of McDonagh. As she left the witness box she told her daughter: “This has got to stop.”

McDonagh denied the assault on October 19 in Bundoran. He said he was released from prison on High Court bail the day before and returned to Bundoran to collect his caravan.

He said he was in bed after drinking two half bottles of vodka and he claimed Angela Ward broke the window.

Judge Kevin Kilrane sentenced McDonagh to six months in prison.