Youth Council AGM today with nominations rather than elections

Members of the Donegal Youth Council have expressed their anger at the news that a revised election process will take place this year, with members to be nominated by school management. The AGM takes place in Lifford today.

Normally, every young person from 12 to 18 in secondary education or a youth reach programme had a right to run for and vote in the council elections.

In a letter to County Council members seen by Highland Radio, outgoing youth council members say the new council will not have a mandate from the people it will serve.

The letter goes on to says that this is only the latest injustice visited on the youth council and may serve to inflict irrevocable damage to it.

Council Official Michael McGarvey says he understands the concerns, and has pledged there will be elections again in the future. He's been explaining why elections will not take place this year: