Donegal austerity groups considering running candidates in next local elections

The prospect of campaigners from a number of different Donegal austerity groups running in the next local elections has taken a step closer.

Support for fielding candidates has come at a number of campaign meetings in the past week, after no elected representatives turned up.

Currently in Donegal there are a number of anti-austerity groups, including Donegal Action Against Austerity, Cant Pay Wont Pay and Can’t Pay, No Pay – Donegal Inclusive.

It's understood Donegal Action Against Austerity and Can’t Pay, No Pay – Donegal Inclusive are considering running candidates in the next local elections in 18 months time.

But a spokesperson from Can't Pay Won't Pay has confirmed to Highland News this afternoon that they've no interest in running candidates in the next local elections.

Joe Murphy from Donegal Action Against Austerity, says they are considering running....