Residents in Derry City Council to be surveyed on their views for future of the city

Ilex, in partnership with the University of Ulster and Social Capital North West, will survey residents in the Derry City Council from next week to get their views on what they want for the future of the city.

Over 500 households will be surveyed from 19 November until 7 December

The aim of the survey it to gauge the publics views on the regeneration process and to measure progress against the last residential survey which was carried out in 2009.

Surveyors will visit homes throughout the Derry City Council area from Monday. They have all been specially trained to conduct interviews and are well-known individuals within their respective communities.

Ilex’s Director of Strategy and Regeneration, Gerard McCleave is urging people to fully participate in the exercise as it will form the basis for the future planning of development projects and service provision within the city and surrounding areas.

Over 70 local enumerators, including unemployed residents, have been up-skilled to complete the data collection for the survey with findings to be reported in early 2013