Both Donegal constituencies reject Children Referendum

Both Donegal constituencies have returned resounding 'No' votes in the Children Referendum. Donegal South West returned a 'No' vote of over 56%, while Donegal North East had one of the highest 'No' votes in the country at almost 60%.

Donegal South West was the first constituency to declare this morning, with 6,523 voting 'Yes' and 8,463 voting 'No'. That's 43.53% in favour and 56.47% against. Turnout in Donegal South West was 23.81%.

In Donegal North East, 5,749 voted 'Yes' and 8,504 voted 'No'. That's 40.34% in favour and 59.66% against. Turnout in Donegal North East was 24.47%.