Harte and Doherty clash over garda station closures

A Donegal Senator has accused Sinn Fein of 'speaking out of both sides of their mouths' when it comes to rural garda stations.

Sinn Fein have campaigned to prevent the closure of rural garda stations in Donegal.

And speaking in the Dail this week, Sinn Fein Deputy Pearse Doherty hit out at the Justice Minister over the threatened closure of more rural Garda Stations in in the county.

But Labour Senator Jimmy Harte, has accused Sinn Fein of hypocrisy, saying they cannot stand up for rural garda stations in the Republic, while standing over police station closures in the North....


Donegal South West Deputy  Pearse Doherty says he is dissapointed with Senator Jimmy Harte's comments.

He says rather than attacking him, Senator Harte should be standing up for the people of Donegal.

And, in comparing the closure of rural Garda Stations in Donegal to the closure of PSNI stations in the North, Deputy Doherty said Senator Harte is clueless...