Road safety campaigners call for more resources to address loopholes

New anti-drug driving measures are recommended in a report compiled by the Medical Bureau of Road Safety which is being launched today.

The measures include a series of roadside tests - such as walking in a straight line and balancing on one leg.

Donegal campaigner, former councillor PJ Blake, says that while any initiative is to be welcomed, there must be proper enforcement and prosecutions, and that hasn't happened yet.

He says there was a major campaign launched in Donegal in 2007, and nothing has happened since............


Meanwhile, PARC founder Susan Grey says urgent action is needed to address what she says is a loophole in the law regarding penalty points.

She says when she attended a local court recently, a number of people summoned to appear said they had not received a notice, and left the court without any points.

She says laws to address that were drafted, but never enacted, and that must be a priority.........