Public urged to pay Household Charge to avoid Council funding cuts

Fine Gael says the lack of discussion on the impact local government funding cuts may have on Donegal at this weeks meeting of the council means all Councillors recognise the importance of people paying the Household charge.

It was anticipated that a debate would take place at the meeting on a report from the county manager on the impact a potential cut of 4 million euro would have on council services.

After the county manager warned that cuts have already taken place, services most likely would be effected and budgets for the next five years could be reduced only Councillor Barry O'Neill spoke urging the public to pay the household charge.

The official compliance rate in Donegal is 51% - if that doesn't improve over 4 million euro will be lost from the budget.

Councillor O'Neill drew this conclusion from the lack of input from other councillors:


Councillor Mick Quinn leads Sinn Fein on the council, he says his party never wanted this budget adopted in the first place: