Omagh man sentanced to four and half years for stabbing

A man convicted of stabbing a young woman in the head in Omagh, has been sentenced to four and half years in prison.

32-year-old Stephen McCrea, of Riverview Park, Omagh, was accused of attempting to murder nurse Tracy Monteith on 8 August, 2010.

Ms Monteith, who was discovered on her own doorstep with a kitchen knife sticking out of her head, attended the sentencing at Belfast's Laganside Court.

At yesterdays sitting, Judge David McFarland said that while McCrea had no significant record for violence, "his actions on this day indicate a man who was unable to cope with the most reasonable request to leave the party as a stranger and uninvited guest".

He said McCrea then dealt "with this rejection by arming himself with a knife either to undertake a revenge attack or to use it to force entry, and then returning to inflict a savage blow to a defenceless lady posing no risk to him".