Donegal County Board threatens legal action over replica shirts and flags

The Donegal County Board has threatened legal action again any companies reproducing replica shirts and flags.

In a statement the board says that some clothing companies are producing replica Donegal GAA jerseys, T shirts, poloshirts, flags, etc,using the Donegal GAA Crest / Logo.

They point out that the Donegal GAA Crest is patented and Donegal GAA has not granted permission to any parties to use it.

The board urges supporters to purchase only official GAA products as Donegal GAA gets a share of the profits raised in the sale of OFFICIAL items.

The board says legal action may be taken against those found to be involved in un-authorised sale of Donegal GAA gear, and the use of the patented Donegal GAA Crest.

Please report any such activities immediately to or contact Donegal GAA at 074 91 90761 or any County Board Executive member.