Fears Letterkenny General’s Gynecological ward may close

A Donegal Deputy has expressed deep concern that drastic cuts to frontline health services in Donegal are being secretly planned to tackle the budget crisis in the health service.

The HSE overspend was €280m at the end of May and is expected to hit over €500m at the end of year.

Deputy Charlie McConalogue says the Government is now planning to rein in all of this overspend over the four months left in the year.

Meanwhile there is speculation that Letterkenny General Hospital's Gynecological ward could be shut down in order to free up staff for the hospital's new medical block.

Today is statement the HSE said it is currently exploring options to allow it to redeploy resources in order to open the new Medical Block at Letterkenny General Hospital.

These discussions are ongoing at the moment, and we will be happy to come back to you when we have finalised a more defined plan.