65 year-old man rescued from the sea off Malin Head

A 65 year-old fisherman is recovering in hospital having been rescued from the sea on Saturday afternoon.

The man was fishing alone between Malin Head and Glengad when his boat sank. Wearing a life jacket and with a radio, the man became stranded on rocks before making a mayday call.

Malin Head Coastguard tasked the Greencaste Coastguard service, Portrush and Lough Swilly life boats and the Search and Rescue Helicoper to the scene.

A local boat spotted the man clinging to the 'black rocks' half an hour after the alarm was raised. He was taken to Glengad by the Greencastle crew and then helictopered to Letterkenny General Hospital.

He had taken in some water and was suffering from hypothermia.

A spokesperson for Malin Head Coastguard said the man was very lucky to survive and perhaps would not have if not as well prepared with a life jacket and radio.