New investigation into Micheala Mc Areavey murder underway in Mauritius

A fresh investigation into the murder of Michaela Mc Areavey is underway in Mauritius

Police on the island have begun DNA testing of hotel staff working on the day of the murder 18 months ago.

Detectives are at the former Legends hotel today to collect samples from 216 employees.

These will be compared with traces left at the scene of the honeymoon suite where the 27-year-old from County Tyrone was killed in January 2011.

A new investigation team was set up after two former hotel workers were acquitted of murder earlier this month. The BBC is reporting today that detectives are also taking fingerprints "for comparison with those found at the scene of the crime".

A spokesperson says management at the hotel is relieved at the decision to reopen the investigation, while the Mauritian foreign affairs minister has promised that "no stone will be left unturned" until these responsible for Mrs McAreavey's death were found.