Census figures show Donegal had 49% youth unemployment in April 2011

More than 82-thousand people, under the age of 25 were unemployed in Ireland in April of last year, with Donegal having the second highest level of youth unemployment in the state.

Youth unemployment in the county was 49%, just 1% less than Limerick City.

That's according to figures published from the 2011 Census.

The wholesale and retail trade was the most important industrial sector in the county, employing 7,896 or 14.8% of all workers. Health and social work accounted for 6,783 jobs (12.7%), with 5,811 workers (10.9%) in the education sector. Agriculture, forestry and fishing provided 7.6% of employment compared to 5.2% for the State overall.

Total unemployment in the county was 18,869 giving an unemployment rate of 26.2% compared with 19% for the State as a whole. Of these 1,380 were first time job seekers.

12.4% of unemployed people in County Donegal in April 2011 were non-Irish nationals compared with 19.5% for the State overall.