MacGill : FF leader says government is failing to implement real reform

Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin has told the MacGill Summer School that if the Constitutional Convention does not discuss issues of substantive reform, it will be a missed opportunity.

He said there is simply no doubt that the Irish political system failed in recent years, and our political system, as set out in the Constitution, is in need of radical and urgent reform.

He added no part of the system predicted what happened and most parts of the system actively pushed policies which exacerbated the crisis.

The opposition leader told the summer school he is underwhelmed and concerned by the agenda the Government has, to date, set for the Constitutional Convention, saying it is disappointingly limited in the scope of its review.

Speaking in Glenties, Michael Martin accused the government of tinkering around the edges, and told reporters the announcement of eight less TDs is typical of the failure of government to implement real reform.........