Analysis shows Donegal has low rate of mugging but high rate of assault

An analysis of crime figures published today suggests that the Donegal Garda Division is one of the counties in which you are least likely to be the victim of muder, mugging or burglary.

However, the county is in the top five for both physical assault and rape and sexual assault.

The figures were compiled by the Daily Mail using crime figures from 2010 to the first quarter of 2012.

The report finds that over the 27 month period, there were four muggings and one murder in the Donegal Garda division. That's one mugging per 29,259 people in Donegal, compared to one per 4512 in Dublin South Central.

There were 964 burglaries in the county over the period, that's one per 162 people, compared to one per 36 people in Dublin North Central. This comes at a time when the garda response to such burglaries in rural areas is the subject of an internal debate within the county.

In the area of assault, however, Donegal does not fare as well. There were 391 reported assaults in the division, one per 401 people, the fourth most likely division in which the be assaulted.

In the case of rape and sexual assault, the Daily Mail analysis says there were 189 incidents reported in Donegal over the period, one per 830 people, the fifth highest in the country.