Details of John Gallagher’s conditional release revealed

Double killer John Gallagher is a free man today having yesterday been released from the Central Mental Hospital.

The Mental Health Review Board granted a conditional discharge to the Lifford man more than six weeks after he handed himself in.

John Gallagher was found guilty but insane of the 1988 fatal shooting of his former girlfriend Anne Gillespie and her mother Annie Gillespie in the grounds of Sligo General Hospital when they were visiting a relative.

He absconded from the Central Mental Hospital in 2000 – and handed himself back in on the 14th of May – after 12 years on the run.

Mr Gallagher then applied to the mental health review board to be released – the final decision was made by psychiatrists.

Gardaí in Lifford say that the Gillespie family have been made aware of his release.

Mr Gallagher may visit Lifford, but certain restrictions will apply. He is allowed to visit his mother in Lifford and his father’s grave, but can't have any contact with members of the Gillespie family or estranged members of his own family.