Sinn Fein in Derry call on threats against Derry community worker to be lifted

A threat against a former prisoner and community worker in the Creggan area of Derry has been condemned.

Sinn Féin Justice Spokesperson, Raymond McCartney has called on whatever organisation issued the threat to the life of Sean McMonagle to lift it immediately, and to do so publicly.

Mr Mc Cartney says Sean Mc Monagle has immersed himself in community activism, and it's is beyond belief that any group or organisation would take it upon themselves to threaten the life and safety of someone who has dedicated himself to the betterment the community.

Sinn Fein's Justice Spokesperson Raymond Mc Cartney says community leaders, business people and all people of good will in Creggan should make their voices heard in support of Sean Mc Monagle and his family.

He warns that anyone could be the next target of these vigilantes, and it's important that in the face of the threat that they pose to the community that a strong unity of purpose is shown.

Mr Mc Cartney says they must be told in no uncertain terms that if they attack one of member of the community, they attack the whole community.

He has also called on whoever issued this threat to identify themselves and unequivocally lift this threat immediately. He said anyone who has a problem with anyone in our community should show a little courage and enter into dialogue, instead of making veiled threats from the cover of anonymity.