Council considering spending more money testing controversial WSW

Donegal County Council is considering spending more money testing  the Whole System of Work.

The controversial  system has cost the county almost 3.5 million euro to date and has been in development for 17 years - it aims to set out a way of working to make the Council run more efficiently and cost effectively.

An audit has already questioned the level of expenditure on WSW to date - it questioned lavish expenses paid to its developer ONE SIGMA Limited - it also found the council paid the company for information freely available on the web.

Councillors, in 2010, agreed to spend 90 thousand euro on testing the system internally. That testing is complete but  now the County Manager Seamus Nealy is suggesting that an external evaluation of the WSW should take place.

There is a hope that some of the council's expenditure could be recouped if the WSW was implemented across the country - The County Manager has suggested that an independent review may improve those opportunities.

Councillors are now debating if extra money will now be spent or not