Independent Councillors to decide Donegal’s next Mayor

Independent Councillors will determine who will be the next Mayor of Donegal after Sinn Fein said they will stick to a pact which would see Councillor Frank McBrearty take the top post.

Fianna Fail has indicated that it will nominate Councillor Rena Donaghey for the post which will force a vote when the council meets next Monday evening in Lifford.

Frank McBrearty would have 13 votes if Fine Gael / Labour and Sinn Fein stick to a pact  while Councillor Donaghey would secures 11 votes from Fianna Fail members.

There are five Independent representatives on the council, two of which have strong links to Labour and Fine Gael -arguably the remaining three Independents have the power to determine the outcome of the vote.

The independent Councillors are part of the voting pact, but Fianna Fail will be hoping some could be swayed to vote in its favour.