Donegal politicians react to constituency boundary proposals

Two Donegal politicians have taken opposing views on whether the changes to the constituency boundaries will benefit the county.

Letterkenny based Senator Jimmy Harte has been advocating the single five seater model for Donegal since the review began, saying it makes more sense to unite the county as much as possible.

He believes he has a better chance of being elected for Labour in a five seater constituency, particularly as he will now be able to take votes from around his home area of Raphoe, which is currently in Donegal South West.

Senator Harte believes a single five seater will benefit Donegal............


However, Sinn Fein Deputy Padraig Mac Lochlainn disagrees.

He says as a five seater, Donegal will have one of the highest numbers of people per TD in the country, which he believes to be unfair because of the size and population spread of the county.

Deputy Mac Lochlainn says while he believes his party can retain two seats in a single Donegal constituency, it's a bad deal for the people of Donegal................