County Council to get tough on those yet to pay 2nd home tax

Donegal County Council says that it will, in the coming weeks, progress a number of options to ensure that all those who should have paid the second home charge, have paid the charge.

Anyone who has yet to pay the charge since its introduction in 2009  currently owes €2,160.

This amounts to €800 in charges plus €1,360 in late payment fees and penalties.

The NPPR charge is an annual charge of €200 introduced by the Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 in respect of all residential property not used as the owner’s sole or main residence.

The liability date in 2012 is the 31st March and the deadline for payment is the 30th June.

In the event of non-payment, and in addition to penalties, the council says it intends to use its power to render the property non-saleable and non-transferable.

The Council says to date The NPPR charge has yielded over €10 Million for Donegal Local Authorities and is seen as a very important income stream for the Council and helps to provide a wide range of services.