Micheala McAreavey murder trial could last another several weeks

It's thought the murder trial of Micheala McAreavey in Mauritius could last another several weeks.

Last Friday the jury was shown CCTV footage of a couple arguing at the Legends Hotel - which the defence maintains was John and Michaela McAreavey - suggesting John McAreavey had given a contradictory account of his movements to the court.

However, a German couple have confirmed it was them in the footage and that they're willing to testify if required.

The footage was filmed just after 3pm on January 10th last year, around 15 minutes after the prosecution claim the Tyrone woman died at the hands of two hotel employees.

This latest development in the trial is likely to dominate proceedings in Mauritius this week.

And, reporter with the Irish Independent Cormac McQuinn says it's too difficult to tell when the trial will come to a close: