Incidence of cancer on the rise in Northern Ireland

The incidence of cancer is on the rise in the North according to a report published by The Northern Ireland Cancer Registry. Despite the increase, the report also shows a rise in cancer survival rates since 1993.

From 1993-2012 cases of female-breast cancer increased by 1.1% per year, male-malignant melanomas rose by 2.7% and female-melanoma by 1.9%. Cases of lung cancer in women increased by 0.7% while male lung cancer decreased by 1.2%.

From 2003-2009, rates of prostate cancer also increased by 2% each year.

Compared with the previous years, the period from 2001-2005 saw a marked increase in the survival rates of cancer patients, with breast cancer at 81.8% for that period. These figures are again expected rise from 2006 onwards.

The report which was published today comes as campaigners continue to press for a 2016 opening date for the proposed north west radiotherapy centre at Altnagalvin hospital. Currently patients in the North-West have to travel to either Belfast or Galway in order to receive treatment.