45% household charge compliance reported in Donegal

Donegal County Council has confirmed that 29,013 properties have so far been registered with the Local Government Management Agency to pay the Household Charge and that a further 317 are awaiting to be updated to the system.

This equates to some 45% of households liable to register in Donegal, according to the council's own estimates.

The council says anyone who has not paid the charge so far, now owes €113. That's €100 for the charge and €13 in late payment fees and charges. This figure will continue to increase each month.

The council's estimate of 45% compliance in Donegal is considerably higher than the 25% that anti-charge campaigners have been suggesting, but still represents half of all eligible households in the county based on the council's own estimate.

The statement says a national plan is in the final stage of development to begin the process of pursuing those who have not yet paid the Household Charge, but makes no specific cpmment on what measures will be applied locally.