Donegal football fans shut out from their accommodation in Poland

A Group of Donegal fans are amongst an estimatated 100 Irish soccer fans who were left without accommodation in Poland last night after they were refused entry to the campsite they had booked and paid for.

Some Irish fans have been left forced to find alternative accommodation after a campsite in Poznan closed

The company which organised their accommodation said that it was making alternative arrangements for the fans.

In a statement it blamed the closure of the site on a media campaign against it and what it described as "hostile treatment from the authorities".

Amongst those affected were four fans from Co Donegal and two from Co Meath, who had to sleep on a concrete floor in a building at an industrial estate last night.

Before leaving Ireland, the fans had made their payments of €2,400 to the campsite operator using said it was working with Hotelioni to refund customers left without accommodation.