RAAD claim responsibility for bomb attack on police in Derry

The republican vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) have claimed responsibility for the bomb attack on a police vehicle in the Creggan area of Derry on Saturday.

The attack which was described by senior police officers as 'a murder bid' badly damaged the police vehicle.

Claiming responsibility for the attack RAAD said that it was carried out because of what they described as 'the increased and even more brutal attacks on republicans and their families.'

The group said that before the attack they had secured the area and carried out the attack with 'a newly developed explosive device.'

In a chilling warning the group said that the attacks would continue 'as long as the security forces victimise republican areas."

RAAD also claimed that the recent searches and arrests had been 'instigated by Sinn Fein' and they accused one prominent Sinn Fein member of 'conniving by phone' with the security forces during a recent search.

The group said that the blame for the upsurge in trouble in republican areas could be laid at the door of Sinn Fein as it was a response to what they said was 'security force brutality.'