Brother: John Gallagher wasn’t mad but was bad

Double killer John Gallagher has been described by his brother as a menace to society and beyond redemption.

Donal Gallagher, from Strabane,  spoke for the first time last night since his brother turned himself in to the Central Mental Hospital in Dublin last week in an apparent bid to be declared sane.

John Gallagher was found guilty but insane of the 1988 fatal shooting of his former girlfriend Anne Gillespie and her mother Annie Gillespie in the grounds of Sligo General Hospital when they were visiting a relative.

Speaking to Colette Fitzgerald on TV3's 'Midweek' show last night, Donal Gallagher said his brother wasn't mad but was bad:


You can watch the Midweek programme in full on Tv3's catch up service HERE